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MD Skin Rejuvenation Consultation:
Dermatologist examining patient's face in clinic. Skin cancer checkup.jpg
Consultation:  FREE
PDO Thread Non-Surgical Face Lift:
Thread Lift ,markup, thread-lift procedure for facial rejuvenation..jpg

Price is determined by area(s) of treatment and will be discussed with you after consultation and evaluation with Dr. Farrow.

Laser Hair Removal

Price is per each treatment (6-8 treatments are recommended for best results).

Underarms:  $75 (this is our most popular area to treat)

Chin:  $75
Upper Lip:  $65
Chin + Upper Lip:  $110
Sideburns:  $65
Cheeks:  $65
Sideburns + Cheeks:  $110
Full Face:  $200
Unibrow:  $50
Neck (front + back):  $100

Lower Legs:  $230
Upper Legs:  $200
Full Legs:  $365

Full Back:  $250
Full Back + Shoulders:  $300
Lower Back:  $150
Upper Back:  $200
Shoulders:  $150

Chest:  $150
Abdomen:  $135
Naval:  $80

Forearms:   $150
Upper Arms:  $150
Full Arms:  $200
Hands / Fingers:  $75
Feet / Toes:  $75

Additional areas and pricing are available and can be discussed at time of consultation.
Laser Facial Vein & Spot Treatment:
A young girl with a problem skin. Photo before and after treatment for acne and Demodecosi
Face:  $385 
Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing:
A cosmetic surgeon doctor giving fractional CO2 laser skin treatment to the face of a seni
Face:  $1,650
Neck:  $850 
Chest:  $950
Hands:  $375

Prices above are for our most intensive single treatment session.  Additionally, 30 days after treatment you will receive a Laser Facial Vein & Spot Tx to further enhance your resurfacing results. This treatment is FREE (valued at $385).  Please note:  vein treatment is performed on your face only, however, spot treatment can be performed on any area treated with the Fractional CO2 Laser. 
Treatments performed in a series that generate cumulative results with less downtime can easily be customized to accommodate your lifestyle and skin rejuvenation goals.  
Price is determined by the number of sessions and area(s) of treatment and will be discussed with you after consultation and evaluation with Dr. Farrow.
Laser Tattoo Removal:
Back tattoo of a woman.jpg

$275 per 30 minute treatment session

IPL Photo-Rejuvanation:
Beautiful woman in professional  beauty salon during photo rejuvenation procedure.jpg
Face x 1 Tx:  $450
Face x 3 Tx:  $1,200

In addition to IPL treatment, each session also includes treatment (at no additional cost) with a 532 nm KTP laser which specifically targets tough dark spots that may be resistant to IPL treatment alone. 

Jeuveau Wrinkle Relaxer:
Middle-aged woman applying anti-aging cream.jpg
Per Unit:  $12
Dermal Fillers:
Dermal Filler Injection. A beautiful woman receives dermal filler injections for the chin.
First Syringe:  $725
Each Additional Syringe:  $675
PDO AfterGlo Facial Micro-Infusion
Beautiful woman at the beautician.Cosmetologist does anti wrinkle injections around eyes a

PDO AfterGlo Micro-Infusion:  this treatment can be performed alone or as an Add-On to other procedures, such as, Microneedling, Plaxel Plus, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, etc.  PDO AfterGlo enhances stimulation of elastin and collagen formation.  

Single Treatment:  $250
Three (3) Treatment Series:  $$695

PDO AfterGlo as an Add-On treatment;  $150 per treatment area.
portrait showing the fingers holding varicose veins on the leg of the woman, concept healt
Per Treatment:  $285
Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling:
close-up. microneedle RF lifting procedure. Hardware cosmetology. Beautician conducts a fa
Face x 1 Tx:  $895 
Face x 3 Tx:  2,395 

Face and Neck x 1 Tx:  $1,195
Face and Neck x 3 Tx:  $2,995 

PDO AfterGlo Add-On for each Face Treatment:  $150
PDO AfterGlo Add-On for each Face & Neck Treatment:  $235

*Micronized Polydioxanone (PDO) enhances microneedling by further promoting elastin and collagen formation.
Procedure of Microdermabrasion. Mechanical Exfoliation, diamond polishing. Mode, profile.
Microdermabrasion Facial (50 minutes)
Face:  $125

Express Microdermabrasion (25 minutes)
Face:  $85

Microneedling without Radiofrequency (RF):
Microneedle mesotherapy. Beautiful woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment in
Face x 1 Tx:  $275
Face x 3 Tx:  $750

PDO AfterGlo Microinfusion Add-on Per Tx:  $150
PRP Microinfusion Add-on Per Tx:  $300
BioRePeel Chemical Peel:
Close up of beautician (cosmetologist) applying chemical peel treatment on patient in a be
Face:  $350 single treatment.

Series of 4 treatments are recommended for BEST results!

Face x 4:  $1,200 
As an added advantage we perform microdermabrasion immediately prior to your BioRePeel.  Microdermabrasion more thoroughly exfoliates your dead skin cells compared to most other topical methods, thus allowing better penetration of the BioRePeel solution. 

To MAXIMALLY enhance your results Dr. Farrow recommends our ADVANCED BioRePeel PROTOCOL which involves adding Microneedling PLUS a second layer of BioRePeel solution to your 2nd thru 4th treatments.  This is only a $75 add-on charge per treatment.  Thus, your total charge for a series of four (4) treatments using our ADVANCED BioRePeel PROTOCOL is only $1,425. 

Men's Sexual Health Consultation:
Man In Consultation, Dialogue.jpg
Consultation:  $285

*If it is determined at your consultation that you are not a candidate for TriMix to treat ED then you will not be charged for your visit. 
Acne Scar Reduction Consultation:
Frontal view of girl's cheeks and chin with acne scars.jpg
Consultation:  FREE
Carbon Laser Peel:
Close-up carbon face peeling procedure. Laser pulses clean skin of the face. Hardware cosm
Plaxel+ | Plasma Fibroblast Treatment:
Women eyelid lifting, fibroblast procedure..jpg
A woman applying scars removal cream to heal the first degree - heat burn wound on her han
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