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Laser Facial Vein & Spot Treatment

Improve Your Complexion

  • 45 min
  • 385 US dollars
  • You must have a Consultation with Dr. Farrow before you can book this service.

Service Description

What are Facial Veins & Spots? Facial veins are visible tiny veins that might look like a spider's web or squiggly lines. Facial veins are often simply a cosmetic nuisance, and not necessarily cause for concern. However, they can make you feel self-conscious and negatively affect your quality of life. Facial spots are usually the result of the adverse effects from exposure to UV light over time resulting in sun damage to your skin. Spots typically become noticeable as you age, but, can be present when you are young. How Do Lasers Work to Treat Vessels & Spots? Dr. Farrow uses a special laser with a wavelength of 532 nanometers. In simple terms, this 532 nm wavelength of light is absorbed readily by the red color of facial vessels and the brown color of spots. The laser beam is tiny so it can pinpoint veins and spots. When the laser light is applied then it is converted tp heat which causes the tiny vessels to immediately collapse and causes the dark spots to turn gray and slough off in 5-10 days. What Do Treatments Feel Like? With each pulse of the laser it feels like a tiny hot pin prick on your skin. However, a cold glass tip attached to the end of the laser hand piece cools the skin constantly during treatment, thus making the procedure more comfortable. * For some people it might take more than one treatment to achieve desired results. If so, treatments are generally spaced one month apart. ** Price per treatment is $385. Those with a membership receive 10% Off. SAVE by joining our Membership Program today!

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Located in same building as Outer Banks Electric 714 Highway 64/264 South, Manteo, NC, USA

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