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Men's Sexual Health

Don't Spend Another Day with the Sexual Disappointment and Frustration that comes with ED

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  • 285 US dollars
  • OBX Laser Skin & Vein

Service Description

If you have tried and failed treatment with the various first-line oral medications for ED or if you have hypersensitivity or other reactions to these medications, then TriMix might be appropriate for you. In some studies, TriMix has been shown to have a success rate up to 95%. What is TriMix? TriMix is a compounded medication (meaning that the prescription ingredients are mixed in a specialty pharmacy) that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. TriMix is a safe, fast acting, long-lasting ED treatment. It is a self-administered injection in the side of the penis using a tiny needle and a very small amount of medication. One of the nice things about TriMix is that it can be formulated in different strengths to help you achieve the results you desire. Once administered you should develop an erection within a matter of minutes, even without physical or emotional stimulation. How Does TriMix Work? The three medications in TriMix act as vasodilators. This means they widen blood vessels to allow more blood flow to the penis, thus resulting in an erection. What Do TriMix Injections Feel Like? Like any injection, you will feel a brief pinch as the needle gently enters the skin. Once through the skin the tiny needle then enters the spongy area of the penis (corpus cavernosum) where you will deposit the medication. Other then the initial pin prick of the skin, you should not feel any further pain on advancement of the short needle or upon injection of the medication. ************ TriMix is a prescription medication that is reasonably priced. The consultation nor the medication is covered by insurance. You may book an appointment online to be seen during our regular business hours on Monday, Thursday, Friday. If you require a different day for your appointment then please send an email to and Dr. Farrow will try to make arrangements to see you. However, there is no guarantee that he will be able to accommodate your request.

Contact Details

  • 714 Highway 64/264 South, Manteo, NC, USA


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